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Automatic Electric Cartridge Pump

Reliable Lubrication for Compact Machinery

The AECP is a compact pump designed to deliver lubricant from a cartridge to progressive lubrication systems. The compact profile offers a smaller footprint than standard reservoir pumps yet maintains the same performance and reliability. Its robust design can withstand harsh working environments and provides reliable lubricant supply to all points whilst the machine is running.
Easily fitting standard 400g grease cartridges and requiring no special refilling tools or equipment, the AECP offers an additional option for bulk filling. The AECP is the heart of a simple to operate automatic lubrication system.

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Product Specification

Perfect Together


SSV & SSVD progressive dividers integrate seamlessly with AECP to build a small progressive lubrication system.


Compact, universal control and monitoring device for vehicles.

In-Cab Push Button

Manual control button initiating lubrication

Related System

Progressive Lubrication System

For small to medium sized machines that require continuous lubrication


Tailored performance for your Balers & Combines

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