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CLP Pumps

For use in progressive lubrication systems

Intuitive Lubrication Control

The SKF Lincoln compact lubrication pump series (CLP) is the first of the new SKF eLube generation. Designed for small progressive lubrication systems. This pump is  lightweight, simple, and ease to use, featuring a compact design that suits both mobile and industrial settings.

Customised with a variety of electrical and monitoring options to meet the unique demands of different applications. Available with integrated controller, datalogging or bluetooth connectivity.


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CLP Pump Variants


CLP Basic / Basic Plus

Both Basic and Basic Plus pumps can be controlled via an external lubrication controller or the machine control system. Basic Plus for mobile use includes a manual lubrication button to start an extra lubrication cycle aiding quick system checks.


CLP Touch

Featuring a built-in control board equipped with data-logging capabilities. Setting pump parameters is straightforward with the use of the intuitive touch display. Greater visibility to track machine health with password protection. to prevent unintended changes.


CLP Smart

Features integrated control board with a smart panel and datalogger.  Through SKF’s eLube App, users can remotely monitor lubricant levels and pump operations, eliminating the need to halt machinery or manually inspect the pump for lubricant status.

Progressive Lubrication System


For small to medium sized machines that require continuous lubrication

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