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Accessories for the Installation Process

FloMAX offers a unique range of accessories for its core products to improve the installation process, reduce installation/operating costs or ease the day to day operations of the equipment whilst being used in the field.

Flomax accessories


FloMAX Accessories

Air Filter and Bracket Assembly

Air Filter & Bracket Assembly

This accessory has the ability to filter out the dust and particles with a 3 micron filter as air is ingressed into the fuel tank. It comes with a mounting bracket for ease of filter replacement.

Weld On Socket

Weld-On Socket

The Flomax weld-on socket contains a 2” NPT female thread which is designed to be welded onto existing and new fuel tanks that permits a Flomax Vent to be inserted.

Breakaway Valves

Breakaway Valves

When it comes to being safe, the Breakaway Valves (BAV) are designed with three shear studs that will break away at a pre-determined force when installed correctly

Split Flange Adaptor

The Split Flange Adaptor is a unique tool for installation of a Non-Pressure system on a plastic fuel tank. Its 3-piece design incorporates a 2” NPT female thread for a non-pressure vent to be directly fitted.

Bell Housings

Bell Housings

Bell Housings are made from formed mild steel with a welded on 2” NPT pipe coupling. They are available in either bolt-on or weld-on configurations.

Electronic Fuel Nozzle Mount

Electronic Fuel Nozzle Mount

Constructed from Billet Aluminium, the Electronic Fuel Nozzle Mount is designed to fit all industry standard 1 ½” nozzles and integrate into existing fuelling systems.

Fuel Swivels

Fuel Swivels

FloMAX swivels are manufactured from anodized aluminium and stainless steel with either 1.5” or 2” NPT process connections that incorporate two fluorosilicate seals in the middle.

Gravity Fill Receivers

Gravity Fill Receivers

FloMAX Gravity Fill Receivers are made from anodized aircraft grade aluminium. They have a welded-on cast aluminium handle for strength and

Non-Pressure Signal Unit

Non-Pressure Signal Unit

The Low profile Non-Pressure Signal Unit from FloMAX is a unique accessory for where External Non Pressure Systems are to be installed but cannot accommodate the standard, taller vents.

Flange Adaptors

Not every piece of machinery is ready to accept a 3rd party fuel system.
Because of this, FloMAX offer bolt on adaptors for the common 2” NPT

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