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Foam Fire Suppression Systems

Foam-Based System

Protection of mobile machinery from hydrocarbon fuel fires

Foam fire suppression systems are automatically activated when a fire is detected. Once the foam system is activated, a large volume of foam is discharged and effectively covers the fuel surface, creating a blanket that obstructs the release of flammable vapours and hinders the fire’s access to oxygen. The foam not only cools the fuel and surrounding structures but also curtails the risk of re-ignition.

Muster Foam Family (old image)


Foam Fire Suppression Systems for your Industry

Fires pose a significant risk in industrial settings, where combustible materials, such as fuels, solvents, and chemicals, are present. Foam-based systems rapidly suppress fires by smothering the flames and preventing the release of flammable vapors, effectively reducing heat and oxygen levels. The foam forms a protective blanket, which helps to cool down the fire source and prevents re-ignition.

System Components

Alarm Panel

Alarm Panel

An enhanced integrated alarm panel offering a comprehensive solution that includes Muster fire suppression system control, monitoring, and activation.

Cylinder Valves

Cylinder Valves

Cylinder valves are made from a single billet of stainless steel and are intended to be both reliable as well as efficient. Available in pneumatic LOP and electronic LHD.

Remote Actuator - NEW

Remote Actuators

Allow the operator the ability to manually start the fire suppression system. Stainless steel construction; available in push-button or lever designs.

Indicator Panel

Remote Activation Device

Designed for autonomous vehicles allowing for the remote activation of fire suppression systems from a distance. Revolutionising fire incident management in autonomous vehicles.

Diagnostic module + Alarm Panel

Diagnostics Module

Shows current data in real time about the parameters of the alarm panel, the system pressure, the state of the batteries, software updates, and other important data.

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Related Systems

The device efficiently manages and puts out the fire by using fire suppressants like foam, dry chemicals, or water spray, preventing it from getting worse. Because the system is autonomous, it can intervene quickly even in the absence of staff, lowering the possibility of accidents, property damage, and expensive disruptions to industrial processes.
A few choices for fire suppression systems are listed below.


Aerosol Systems

Aerosol produces itself and extinguishes instantly in enclosed spaces. Can be utilised as a dual agent system with Foam or IPS, or independently.

Muster IPS Family - new

Impulse Powder Systems

Dry chemical powder that generates itself and discharges quickly in a non-pressurized canister. designed to be small for safe inclosures. Able to operate independently or as part of a dual agent system with SAG or Foam.

TUFF System

TUFF System

Easily accessible firefighting equipment offering an adaptable fire safety measure. The TUFF unit can be mounted or placed on the rear of a support vehicle or on mobile equipment. Adaptable use to a range of situations.

Muster Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

A selection of lightweight and heavy-duty portable fire extinguishers that may be installed on a trolley. Fire blankets, brackets, and location and identification markers are examples of services and accessories.

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