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Non-Pressure Fuel Systems

Non-Pressure Fuelling Systems

Non-pressure fueling systems are sometimes seen as being complex since they need numerous parts and components to function consistently in a variety of vehicles and machinery. On the other hand, the FloMAX solution is a simple non-pressure system that requires minimal components to achieve the required safe outcomes.

All-in-one systems, internal line, and external line non-pressure fueling systems are among the available combinations.

Non pressure system


FloMAX Non-Pressure Systems

Top Fill Units

Top Fill Units

The FloMAX Top Fill units are an all in one non-pressure re-fuelling system designed to eliminate the need to pressure the fuel tanks or use splash filling techniques. The patented and compact design allows filling and venting to take place from the same single tank opening.

Internal Line Non-Pressure Fuelling System

The FloMAX internal line system offers flow rates of upto 800 LPM with Flomax standard fuel nozzles. The system consists of a non-pressure valve/receiver and non-pressure fuel vent.


Diesel fuel receiver

Non-Pressure, Internal Line Valve/Receiver

Available as a single one-piece item consisting of a valve and fuel receiver, or separately for unique installations. These items are designed and manufactured in-house by FloMAX using their patented designs and high quality all metal-componentry.

Internal diesel fuel vent

Non-Pressure, Internal Line Fuel Vent

Every re-fuelling system contains a vent, but with FloMAX Non-Pressure Systems, when the diesel fuel level reaches the vent and cut-off point, it sends opposing pressure down the signal line to the valve/ receiver and shuts off the nozzle.

External Line Non-Pressure Fuelling System

The FloMAX external line system offers flow rates of over 1,500 LPM.  The system consists of a non-pressure valve (NPV),  non-pressure fuel vent and a low pressure fuel receiver.  


Diesel fuel receiver


FloMAX all in one flanged non-pressure valve (NPV) is compact and a space saver.  Can be configured to an internal or external line configuration. 

External diesel fuel vent

Non-Pressure, External Line Fuel Vent

The use of FloMAX non-pressure external fuel vent provides an efficient fuel shut-off process whilst still ensuring air evacuates effectively. When the diesel fuel level reaches the cut-off point within the vent, it sends opposing pressure down the signal line to the valve/receiver and shuts off the fuel nozzle.

External non pressure valve

Low Pressure Fuel

Every external system requires a fuel receiver that is to be either mated to the valve or installed in an ergonomic location for operators. The receiver can be supplied with different permutations depending on the application requirements.

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