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Elevating Productivity While Maintaining Environmental Harmony

The pulp and paper industry is one of the largest in the world and a significant contributor to the economy. The industry relies on process-critical machinery that often operates in demanding conditions that can shorten the bearing lifespan.

To stay productive and profitable, the industry needs to focus on the proper mounting, lubrication, monitoring and maintenance of the bearings. For optimal performance of all machinery, from the debarking drums to the reeler at the end of the paper machine,  the SKF Lincoln centralised lubrication system and oil circulation systems can improve machine reliability and availability.

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Increase Machine Reliability & Productivity

SKF Lincoln Centralised Lubrication System

With the SKF Lincoln centralised lubrication system you are not just preventing bearing failures you are guaranteeing a seamless, uninterrupted workflow that maximizes productivity. Ensure optimal lubrication for your bearings with reduced maintenance efforts, even when the machinery is in motion.

Effectively Circulate > 90% of the Oil

SKF Flowline Oil Supply Unit

In traditional oil circulating systems, less than half of the oil circulates effectively. The SKF Flowline oil supply unit offers over 90% oil circulation efficiency ensuring optimal machine performance.
Optimal Conditioning, ensures that every component works in perfect harmony, meticulously cleaning and conditioning the oil for exceptional results.

Prevent Machine Wear

Prevent Machine Wear and Failures

SKF Maxilube Solution

Transform your machine performance with the SKF automatic lubrication system. A reliable system that boosts machine uptime, improves control and increases productivity.
The SKF system keeps your equipment well-lubricated, extending its life while using less energy and lubricant. Enjoy lower costs, safer work conditions, and higher efficiency while elevating your operations with increased productivity and savings.

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Products Components

Flowline Monitor

Flowline Monitor

The SKF Flowline Monitor is used to divide the flow rate of oil in lube systems, measure it, and control it. Three different sizes of flow meters let you control and
watch flows from 0.1 to 100 l/min and from
32 to 1000 mm2/s.

Safeflow Flow Meters

Safeflow Flow Meters

Flow meters from SKF Safeflow control and display the rate of flow. Each flow meter can be set up differently based on how thick the oil is and how much you want it to move. Safeflow covers flow rates from 0.04 to 56 l/min (0.08 to 118 pts/min) per greasing point.

ST-2240 CIRC Control centre

ST-2240-CIRC Control Unit

The SKF Control Centre ST-2240-CIRC is a controller that works on its own. It has a touch screen and a smart-phone choice for the remote. It is a flexible and cost-effective way to control and watch lubrication systems that use oil circulation.

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Display Pressure Switch

Ideal combination of a pressure switch and transmitter with display.

Dual Magnet Float Level Switch

Control and monitor liquid levels in open and closed vessels.

Insertion Temperature Sensors

Insertion Temperature Sensors

Screw-in temperature sensors with integrated transmitter.

Plug On Display for Transmitters

Plug-On Display for Transmitters

Universal local display suitable for various transmitters.

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Streamliner® M grease dispensers

Advanced electro-mechanical drive for reliable and accurate lubrication and to cut lubrication costs.

Streamliner DC Grease Dispensers

Streamliner® DC Grease Dispenser

Single point lubricator offers maintenance professionals the ability to keep equipment properly lubricated.

Watchdog breather

Watchdog Desiccant Breather

Preventative maintenance tool that removes moisture and prevents moisture from entering the lubricant. 

Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.