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JSG Industrial Systems has partnered with SKF/Lincoln to provide the world’s most complete portfolio of lubrication solutions. Drawing on more than 200 years of combined Rail Friction Management experience, we continue to help provide reliable and innovative ways to reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, enhance safety and optimize manpower resources.

Our quality automatic lubrication systems provide excellent ROI for the Rail Industry by managing friction and saving energy. This helps to reduce noise, and provide significant operational benefits by extending the re-profiling and re-grinding intervals of both the rail & wheels.

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Auto Rail Lubrication - Wayside Pumping Station

Auto Rail Lubrication - System Features

JSG Industrial Systems offers pumping stations sized to meet design requirements and service cycle. Systems can be designed and configured to suit location and maintenance conditions. The technology used with each system is consistent and offers:

System Components

Gauge Face Lubrication

Gauge Face Lubrication (GFL) significantly reduces wheel flange and rail wear that occurs at the curve section of track. The GFL applicator bars feature benefits such as:

Top Of Rail Lubrication

Top-Of-Rail Lubrication

Top-Of-Rail (TOR) lubrication provides a solution to greatly reduce noise emissions and wear to the running surface of rail occurring on very tight radius curves. TOR applicator used with our systems offers benefits such as:

JSG Smart Rail Lube Controller (SRL)

Every new system utilises the JSG SRL controller which has been designed and developed for wayside lubrication by JSG Industrial Systems, offers a more efficient and modernised way of managing rail lubrication system digitally.
JSG Telemetry Service

JSG Telemetry Service

JSG Industrial Systems offers a Telemetry Service via a web accessible portal ensuring complete remote management of every system that is built with the JSG SRL controller.

Railway Product Range

Progressive systems ensure that each lubrication point receives a precise amount of lubricant ensuring no over or under-lubrication occurs.
Muster Foam Family (NEW)

Foam-based fire suppression systems for trains provide a means to suppress and extinguish fires quickly, minimizing damage and ensuring passenger safety.


Solid aerosol systems are popular in various sectors, including the railway industry, due to their unique fire-fighting properties over traditional systems.

Muster IPS Family - new

In the context of trains, dry powder (impulse) systems provide a method to quickly suppress and extinguish fires, ensuring passenger safety and minimizing damage.

How to Buy

JSG partners with authorised distributors to offer you localised sales, installation and service of our products.
Find a local distributor, contact your local JSG sales representative or our friendly customer services team.

Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.