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Driving Productivity & Reducing Costs

Specialists in lubrication products & solutions, flow management and fire suppression. We bring a team of engineers and technical specialists that provide expert advise in product selection, design, installation, training and service. 

We offer customised solutions tailored to various tasks and customer requirements across multiple industries. Our emphasis is on providing highly efficient systems that save costs improving return on investment. An integral aspect of our customer solution is the provision of pre-sales and after-sales services.

Our Engineering and Technical Services team offers specialised guidance throughout the product selection process, including design, installation, and comprehensive training and support to all our customers.

We leverage our qualified distributor network to ensure local area assistance in markets where we possess extensive knowledge, such as Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia, and the South Pacific.


Need Assistance?

We're here to assist you in identifying the solution that best aligns with your needs.

Installation & Commissioning

JSG Industrial Systems has carefully selected a network of experienced & fully trained distributors who are strategically located to give us an excellent footprint in both the Australian and International markets.

Additionally, we have our own factory trained technicians who are available to assist with installation & commissioning work, to support our distributors as required. All installations are completed to extremely high standards, with great care and pride in workmanship.

Installation and Commissioning

Accredited Training

JSG Industrial Systems offer a variety of training programs for distributors & end users. Due to our diverse range of products, training packages are tailored to suit the needs of the industry, the distributor or the client.

Our dedicated Training Manager is ‘Train the Trainer’ qualified, and has over 30 years of global industry experience . We work with our clients to determine the best format & location for the courses, to ensure you will get the most from the sessions.


Engineering & CAD Design

Our systems are designed to meet your specific needs with a view to minimising downtime and maximising productivity.  We understand that machines work in a variety of operational conditions, depending on your industry, and your application. 

Our experienced engineering consultants will work with you to design a solution that is optmised for your business in any of our product lines including automated lubrication systems, fire suppression systems & material dispensing systems.

JSG Industrial Systems uses the latest CAD software from SolidWorks. SolidWorks Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds powerful simulation and design validation to our capabilities. Speed and accuracy is derived from the use of ECAD/MCAD collaboration, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality. This is all done to ensure the highest level of quality is given to our customers with their needs.



Once systems are installed and commissioned, our factory-trained support team is available to assist with ongoing training, aspects of servicing, or assistance in upgrades & maintenance.

Our distributors are provided secure access to a number of online systems which give them 24/7 visibility of service sheets & technical libraries that may be required from time to time throughout the lifetime of your product.

Technical Support

After Sales

All JSG Industrial Systems product is warranted for one year from the time of initial purchase.
If there are any issues during this period either JSG Industrial Systems or one qualified distributors
will attend to the problem immediately.

Beyond the initial warranty period, JSG Industrial Systems support is always available to attend
to your needs to ensure that your equipment continues to operate correctly, and experiences
minimum downtime.

After Sale

How to Buy

JSG partners with authorised distributors to offer you localised sales, installation and service of our products.
Find a local distributor, contact your local JSG sales representative or our friendly customer services team.

Lubrication Systems

Machine reliability is greatly impacted by lubrication. To help you achieve the highest levels of machine efficiency, safety, and dependability, we offer solutions.

Fire Suppression

A major risk in industrial environments is fire. To meet your needs, we provide a variety of fire suppression systems.

Fluid & Instrumentation

Instrumentation enables better management & control of processes. We provide a selection of options for precise fluid measurement and transfer with minimal downtime.