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Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF)

Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting

Flexible fire protection for a range of applications

Readily accessible firefighting equipment that offers a versatile method of preventing fires in mobile machinery, such as those used in forestry and agriculture. The TUFF unit, when mounted directly on the machine, offers convenient access to an extremely efficient firefighting foam solution in the case of a fire. The machine operator has an additional pair of eyes watching the machine when it is mounted on the back of a support truck. The support vehicle can be spotted in case of a fire so that it can be put out from a safe distance.

TUFF System


TUFF System for your Industry

The unique capabilities and versatility of the Transferrable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) firefighting system make it an invaluable tool for a variety of sectors. TUFF systems are versatile and portable, which makes them perfect for fighting flames in difficult or isolated locations. These systems are made to efficiently put out fires by rapidly delivering a lot of water or foam. The TUFF units are portable, self-sufficient, and easy to move to the fire’s location.

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Related Systems

The device efficiently manages and puts out the fire by using fire suppressants like foam, dry chemicals, or water spray, preventing it from getting worse. Because the system is autonomous, it can intervene quickly even in the absence of staff, lowering the possibility of accidents, property damage, and expensive disruptions to industrial processes.
A few choices for fire suppression systems are listed below.

Muster Foam Family (NEW)

Foam Based Systems

Foam-based solution appropriate for permanent plants, mobile vehicles, and diesel engines where there is a high risk of fire from liquid hydrocarbon fuels. Can be utilised as a stand-alone system or as a dual agent system with IPS or SAG.


Aerosol Systems

Aerosol produces itself and extinguishes instantly in enclosed spaces. Can be utilised as a dual agent system with Foam or IPS, or independently.

Muster IPS Family - new

Impulse Powder Systems

Dry chemical powder that generates itself and discharges quickly in a non-pressurized canister. designed to be small for safe inclosures. Able to operate independently or as part of a dual agent system with SAG or Foam.

Muster Fire Extinguishers

Portable Fire Extinguishers

A selection of lightweight and heavy-duty portable fire extinguishers that may be installed on a trolley. Fire blankets, brackets, and location and identification markers are examples of services and accessories.

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